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Monday, August 9, 2010

Working for a living

A few of you are familiar with my job title, psychometrician, and some of you might know what I do for a living. However, anyone who's ever had a job description knows there's other stuff.

CCL's Benchmarks tool contains a measure called "Does whatever it takes.".

Here's what it took yesterday.

Yes, a load of dishes.

I wonder who unloaded the washer this morning. I would have, but the stuff was still too hot to touch when I left yesterday.

Gotta have coffee ready for the peeps. We needed three pots yesterday.

And let's not forget the espresso.

Not only did I have to press the on-button, but I had to add beans and water, and then empty the grounds from the day before.

Oh the burden of it all.

And someone had to gather the trash.

Bear in mind that I sent a VP to fetch lunch. Well, they need to earn their keep also.

And yes,

The toilets needed a quick scrub at 8 AM. Imagine that.

Somehow, I managed to do all that and not muss my white shirt. We don't get many days with that kind of luck.

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Tracie said...

Nicely done. Thanks for the extra work!!

And, Monica and I handled the kitchen and bathroom duties this morning. Espresso machine has been cleaned and loaded with water and beans and awaits your arrival.