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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I stay so grumpy

Many have asked how I maintain my finely honed grumpiness, and here it is, just for you.

You need a glass and a fork.

Yes, that towel needs to see the laundry. The cup could use a little time in the sink. Nonetheless, it'll be alright.

Now, find the wheat bran.

I usually keep bran in the fridge to prevent the worms from hatching. Yes, the eggs are already there from the field.

This bag is what's leftover after I filled the canister that stays in the fridge. Yes, I bought too much.

Too much wheat bran? Hard to imagine.

Dip an espresso cup full of bran.

And dump the bran into the cup.

Now, add some juice. Some kind that you like.

Stir the bran into the juice with the fork, and then slam it down. You'll have to add more juice to get all the bran out of the glass.

Do not get all tough and try to swallow the damp bran without a refill on the juice. You'll choke so bad that the neighbor will call the rescue squad.

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Shannon said...

that's just gross