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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Duct tape and first aid

Without going into the 45,678,753 uses for duct tape, let me add one.

Blister repair.

In case you missed the blister,

Here're the bandages

But they're way too big, so we have to carve one into usable pieces.

Yes, those scissors came with the hair trimmers.

This piece is about right.

Now, apply the antibiotic

And rub it in. Gently!

Probably not the most pleasant moment I've had in a while. Stings!

Put on the bandage.

I trimmed a little off the length.

Now, we need some tape.

Oh yes, I am.

This will come off at night, maybe, with a replacement in the morning. Or it'll just stay on 24 hours, and then be replaced. Who knows?

The medics should be reeling now.

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