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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Duct tape and first aid: Day Two

At least it doesn't hurt so bad as to make walking a chore.

Nonetheless, it still looks bad enough to require hospitalization. And no, I have no idea why my thumb is blue. Perhaps I'm turning into a Smurf.

So let's put on a little less salve than yesterday.

And spread it lightly. I suspect this step is not necessary. We just do it because we can't see past our mother's care.

And then a bandage.

I doubt it's hospital-grade anymore.

And some tape.

Starting from the bottom. Probably some athletic tape would stick as well and cost more, but then we'd lose all the reaction from the medical community.

Besides, the weekend SyFy was filled with movies about the endtimes.

More tape.

There's a little tape pulled betwixt the piggies. I doubt that amounts to much improvement in staying power.

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The Crow said...

I've read your posts about your horrendous blister, Jim. It looks like it has gone down all three layers of skin, which is dangerous, as you've alluded to in this post.

Be careful about the adhesive on the duct tape, especially with your sensitive skin.

And, yes, Mama's kisses made EVERYthing feel better, didn't they?

Good luck with this, Jim.

Jim Penny said...

That blister lept from nowhere.

Last Sunday, I did about seven miles, and had a small blister to show for it. It was so small I thought nothing of it. Besides, the joint aches held my attention. Just a very few days later, BOOM! I'm ready for hospitalization.

I suspect it'll get to see a nurse at the minute clinic in a day or so. She'll fuss about the duct tape, but that tape sees a lot of use among long distance walkers and runners, not that I'm either.

Meanwhile, it's good to hear your world has taken a tick for the better up there.

Julian Robb said...

Awwch :'( I felt the pain in your foot. But thanks for posting. Very good example for us in case of emergency.

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