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Friday, August 6, 2010

Cheese biscuits

We're making cheese biscuits for dinner. Yeah, it's been one more of that kind of day in a long string of such days.

Get a stick of butter.

Remember that I live alone. You might want to make larger quantities.

Melt the butter and splash in some buttermilk.

Then add some cheese.

And give it a good stir. I had to add more buttermilk. You might also.

Mama never used shredded cheese. It was rarely available unless we shredded it ourselves. We had hoop cheese that was cut into one-pound wedges. Very greasy. And very good.

Try finding some of that good stuff now.

Mama cubed it herself. With a knife. There's probably a cuber on an infomercial if you look.

While you're at it, turn the oven to bake at 450.

Add some self-rising flour, and stir. It doesn't take much stirring. Then add the dough one large spoonful at the time to the baking pan.

At some point after 15 or 20 minutes, the biscuits are ready. Make sure you have the jelly ready to go so you can have the biscuits as hot as possible.

Yes. I should move the oven rack up a notch. Biscuits need to be a notch above the middle to brown properly on top.

I ate them anyway. You knew I would.

Yep. I tore the biscuits up a little as I moved them from the pan to the plate. They had burned some on the bottom.

But I like them that way!

That's strawberry jam on the plate. That's right. You're wishing you could have you some.

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