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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baked sweet potatoes

Yes, the sweet taters are coming in! After spending countless summers digging the things and eating them in a litany of Bubba-like recipes from Forest Gump, I can now just sit back and enjoy the fruit of someone else's labor.

I do appreciate industry...in others.

These taters are from Food Lion. They are relatively cheap, though not as cheap as when I just stepped out into the field and picked up a few. Well, not unless you count the medical bills from the shotgun.

Mama baked them on a pan in the oven. I do not. I use the iron pot with the lid on. That way, I can eat the skins, and we both know the vitamins are in the skin.

Yeah, right. Actually, I just like the additional fiber. The rest of you can note that sweet taters are low glycemic. That means eating one is not going to jack you up, and then slam you down.

There is no need to add anything except the taters.

Put the lid on. Bake a couple of hours at 400. Your nose will tell you when they're done.

I let them cool a little before touching them. Smooshing your fingers through 400 degrees of cooked tater is not fun.

One tater with butter (and the skins!) makes a fine meal for me. You can add sugar and cinnamon as you choose. If you do, it becomes dessert.

And yes, you may eat your dessert first today.

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The Crow said...

"Smooshing your fingers through 400 degrees of cooked tater is not fun."

Amen to that, brother! Been there, done it.

My daughter used to hate sweet potatoes, until I made sweet tater pie one Thanksgiving. Must have been the cinnamon.

I wouldn't have believed it, but your foot is looking better. I thought for sure you'd be blogging from a hospital bed by now.

Jim Penny said...

Yep, I am surprised that the foot no longer hurts all that much. Although it looked bad, Sunday evening was about the end of the piercing pains when I stepped.

Better living through duct tape, I suppose.

You know you really don't have to repeat that business of picking up the hot taters. One smoosh, and all the learning on that subject you'll ever need is instantly and forever lodged in the brain. I'm surprised it doesn't pass in the DNA.

I never cared for sweet taters all that much growing up, except in sweet potato biscuits, but by the time I cleared the mid-twenties, I started liking them. However, it has taken me 57 years to learn how to bake them to my liking. (No, I cannot bring myself to use so much aluminum foil, only to throw it away.)

The Crow said...

I like your dutch oven technique. Looks like clean-up is easy.

I lay my tates on the rack, no pan, though I put a piece of heavy-duty foil on the self below to catch the drippings. If there are any taters left, I use the foil to wrap them before putting them in the fridge. Rarely are there any left, though.

Jim Penny said...

The clean up in that iron pot takes about 30 seconds, though I usually let it soak a week or two first. No, that much soak is not really necessary. I'm just slow about the dishes.