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Sunday, August 1, 2010

AT&T reliability in a death spiral

OK, so the title is a bit over the top. Nonetheless, I doubt I'd mourn the court-ordered liquidation.

And it's not the cell phone this time. Think DSL this time.

The cable company cannot provide stable cable service to my apartment because of undocumented splices between here and the ground, which pushes me to DSL from AT&T.

Yes, ClearWire only recently brought service to my location, and they place such restrictions on usage that I'd expect the cease-and-desist letter with the startup instructions.

So I'm seeing my second day of this.

A powered down wireless router.

Word yesterday was that it'd be ready at 2 am today, if not earlier. Yes, they encouraged me to try my patience and test the network periodically during the day and evening.

I did not. They can find other technicians to work for free. My inclination to help this vendor is long gone.

Word is now that it'll be up about 10 tonight. Actually, the quote was for an insanely precise time. Perhaps 9:54, obviously an offset from the time of the last update.

Now, I do walk a bit through the neighborhood. Some 10 miles a day. Let me report seeing not one Southern Bell truck, not that such means a thing. But still, you might think just one would be out.

I suspect the truth is that no work will begin until regular business hours on Monday. By then, I'll be well on my way to that difficult decision.

I suppose this means that I'll visit an Internet café today for some banking and uploading. I'll probably look for ISP alternatives, but that won't go far. The pickings are slim.

I think it might be time to investigate Sprint's 4G offering. I hear they have a smart phone that also acts as a mobile hotspot.

Yeah, Sprint, like the others, is all over helping you spend money, but not much on the after the sale service.

The thing is that no communications vendor appears to be even remotely good at providing the service and even worse at keeping the sources of it's cash flow the slightest bit happy.

Maybe I should start a network of string and cans. No, wait. That's what the telephone company does already.

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