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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Duct tape and first aid: A few days later

The healing progresses, though the remnants of the blister are still real attention getters.

All that fluorescent lighting makes for interesting colors. Also note the leftover tape adhesive under that toe. It normally doesn't stick all that long, but here is an exception.

The process is as it was. A little antibiotic cream.

Apply the non-stick, hospital-grade pad. Follow with duct tape.

This one is likely short-lived because it'll be in the shower in about 90 minutes.

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Baked sweet potatoes

Yes, the sweet taters are coming in! After spending countless summers digging the things and eating them in a litany of Bubba-like recipes from Forest Gump, I can now just sit back and enjoy the fruit of someone else's labor.

I do appreciate industry...in others.

These taters are from Food Lion. They are relatively cheap, though not as cheap as when I just stepped out into the field and picked up a few. Well, not unless you count the medical bills from the shotgun.

Mama baked them on a pan in the oven. I do not. I use the iron pot with the lid on. That way, I can eat the skins, and we both know the vitamins are in the skin.

Yeah, right. Actually, I just like the additional fiber. The rest of you can note that sweet taters are low glycemic. That means eating one is not going to jack you up, and then slam you down.

There is no need to add anything except the taters.

Put the lid on. Bake a couple of hours at 400. Your nose will tell you when they're done.

I let them cool a little before touching them. Smooshing your fingers through 400 degrees of cooked tater is not fun.

One tater with butter (and the skins!) makes a fine meal for me. You can add sugar and cinnamon as you choose. If you do, it becomes dessert.

And yes, you may eat your dessert first today.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Duct tape and first aid: Day Two

At least it doesn't hurt so bad as to make walking a chore.

Nonetheless, it still looks bad enough to require hospitalization. And no, I have no idea why my thumb is blue. Perhaps I'm turning into a Smurf.

So let's put on a little less salve than yesterday.

And spread it lightly. I suspect this step is not necessary. We just do it because we can't see past our mother's care.

And then a bandage.

I doubt it's hospital-grade anymore.

And some tape.

Starting from the bottom. Probably some athletic tape would stick as well and cost more, but then we'd lose all the reaction from the medical community.

Besides, the weekend SyFy was filled with movies about the endtimes.

More tape.

There's a little tape pulled betwixt the piggies. I doubt that amounts to much improvement in staying power.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet potato pudding

First, my grandmother made the best that ever was and ever will be. That you didn't get any should be enough to send you over the edge.

Here is my version. It bears no resemblance to hers because I see no reason to spoil that memory.

Besides, without Papa, who will grate all this jumbo taters? Not me, that's for sure.

Splash some olive oil in the iron pot and dump in some baked sweet taters

Chop them well, skin and all, and add some eggs. (We both know the vitamins are in the skin.)

Stir this well.

Then find the coconut. Notice that I'm not about to ruin a perfectly good manicure by grating coconuts.

And some apple sauce.

And some raisins.

Dump as much as you want of each into the pot.

Stir this very well.

I did not consider the batter sweet enough, and I added honey.

Yes, brown sugar and marshmallows would work well here, but I don't want candy. Besides, I also do not want to have that discussion with the internist, the one that keeps talking about how sweet I'm becoming in my old age.

At some point, find the pecans.

Spread them all over the top.

Yes, walnuts also work. I just prefer pecans.

Bake the whole mess at about 350 until it's done. Your nose will tell you when that is.

Duct tape and first aid

Without going into the 45,678,753 uses for duct tape, let me add one.

Blister repair.

In case you missed the blister,

Here're the bandages

But they're way too big, so we have to carve one into usable pieces.

Yes, those scissors came with the hair trimmers.

This piece is about right.

Now, apply the antibiotic

And rub it in. Gently!

Probably not the most pleasant moment I've had in a while. Stings!

Put on the bandage.

I trimmed a little off the length.

Now, we need some tape.

Oh yes, I am.

This will come off at night, maybe, with a replacement in the morning. Or it'll just stay on 24 hours, and then be replaced. Who knows?

The medics should be reeling now.

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My creamy foot

Yeah, you already know the loveliness.

This is gonna need a little attention. Actually, it's screaming for attention.

Here we go.

Let's spread the love around.

And rub it in. Lightly. Very lightly.

Ever so gently to let the anesthetic start it's glorious work. And no, it won't be enough.

But let's get a sock going.

Yeah. Someone's gotta get some tape and gauze.

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Danger eats

OK, so Danger is on his way home after a month of field training, which is what officers get instead of basic training.

He's not had a minute to himself for the last month, much less anything to eat more than military chow that he wolfed down in the 30 seconds he had to eat.

Checked in at ATL and through security, he makes a bee line to the USO.

Starbuck's. Reese cups. A recliner. TV. And wait staff.

He might just relocate.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Danger and the snake

Yes, this is a dead copperhead.

I found it dead on the road this morning just after sunup. The ants were having a feast. It probably hatched this summer. More terrifying info Well, OK, copperheads don't lay eggs.

You might notice that I'm not all that upset over its demise.

Years ago, Danger and I used to participate in periodic outings known locally as safaris. Think men and car camping.

One summer weekend, we were at Hanging Rock State Park. Here

I'm told this park has the highest rate of venomous snake bite of all the parks in North Carolina. Perhaps that's why there's a medic station by the gate.

Saturday morning. We're up. I'm finding some breakfast. Danger is noodling around according to the rules set aside for the five year old boy.

He's quiet. He calls me. He's poking a small stick. At a small snake. Coiled. Striking at the stick. All this with my barefeet right there.

We nervously encouraged the little snake into a five gallon bucket, and escorted it about a half mile away, down the road, where we tossed it over a cliff.

Then Dad had whisky for breakfast.

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Foot needs a mommy kiss

Wednesday, a small blister grew and started to ouch,

and I was mostly idle Thursday until the evening when I did about four miles, leaving me with this.

Doesn't look like all that much, does it.

So I stepped out for three miles this morning, and then another three at lunch.

Now, we have this.

Which became noteworthy about an hour later when the skin began to peel.

Leaving me now with a hole that really demands my attention as I step.

It was my plan to wrap feets with duct tape this weekend to preclude the blisters of a long walk, but that gets to wait now.

I'm not unconvinced that a couple of pegs would be an improvement.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I stay so grumpy

Many have asked how I maintain my finely honed grumpiness, and here it is, just for you.

You need a glass and a fork.

Yes, that towel needs to see the laundry. The cup could use a little time in the sink. Nonetheless, it'll be alright.

Now, find the wheat bran.

I usually keep bran in the fridge to prevent the worms from hatching. Yes, the eggs are already there from the field.

This bag is what's leftover after I filled the canister that stays in the fridge. Yes, I bought too much.

Too much wheat bran? Hard to imagine.

Dip an espresso cup full of bran.

And dump the bran into the cup.

Now, add some juice. Some kind that you like.

Stir the bran into the juice with the fork, and then slam it down. You'll have to add more juice to get all the bran out of the glass.

Do not get all tough and try to swallow the damp bran without a refill on the juice. You'll choke so bad that the neighbor will call the rescue squad.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abomination lost and found in the laundry room

Yes, another pair of draws.

Hanes, like mine. Medium, As I could wish.

70% polyester. 30% cotton. Mixed fibers. Assured abomination.

I suppose they were left here to avoid the justly deserved death by stoning.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lily's Birthday: Part 1

Yep, 21 years ago. That was early yesterday morning, for those of you who are counting.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bliss in a vending machine

So I'm between meetings, and I stop in the kitchen for more coffee.

Much more coffee.

While there, I catch something in the corner of my eye.

Sweet potato chips. Cool. I like sweet taters.

For a buck and a quarter? A fraction of an ounce? Chips probably countable with single digits?

Surely there's a coupon for a happy ending or something in there.


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