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Monday, July 19, 2010

Spain To Consider Banning Burqas


The Buzz: Spanish lawmakers will debate barring burqas in public, joining other European countries considering similar moves on the grounds that the body-covering garments are degrading to women, the leading opposition party said Sunday.

First, if you're going down this road, let's get the reason straight. Degrading to women? Oh grow up!

The degradation is to the men of that sub-population who can't control themselves when presented with a glimpse of skin.

Oh look! It's an elbow! Ummmmm, elbows...!

Burqas do not bother me all that much, though I do think they are odd.

I'd rather we discuss banning those ugly ass suits that men are expected to wear in business settings.

Talk about cookie cutter ugly! Butt ugly. Let's not have a single distinguishing characteristic ugly.

These suits are the very first identifying mark that I use to anticipate that not one unique neuron will be firing. Instead, we'll be complimenting one another for having the same thoughts everyone else had last year or last decade or last millennium, and calling it out of the box thinking.

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VeggieAmanda said...

I think that they are degrading to woman. I am sorry if men can't control themselves, but women have a right to show their face, hair, arms, knees, etc.

Jim Penny said...

I'll leave what's degrading to women to the women to decide, though mostly one should be able to walk through this world naked without a problem. Well, me naked might make a prob.

If I have a problem with the burqa, it's when I turn a corner and find myself face to face with what might as well be a dementor at first glance. I am, however, growing accustomed to that part.

The Crow said...

Spain?! Concerned with the degradation of women?

Banning the burqa has more to do with fear of the unknown, the unseen - the undetectable hidden weapon or body-bomb.

Before 9-11, almost no one, especially Europe, gave a wet rat's ass about the burqa being degrading. It has always been about the religious leaders who require - upon pain of death - the restriction of women as maifested by the wearing of the burqa (less egregious than clitorectomies), but even then, there wasn't a widespread hue or cry.

Banning burqas as degrading to women allows these nations to avoid the charge of profiling, while accomplishing their post-9-11 national security goals.

What I find degrading is wrapping a national security issue in the burqa to cloak (no pun intended)the real agenda. That's abusive, and an affront, to women and women's issues, in my not so humble opinion. The Spanish government does not care a pinch of owl crap about the degradation of women. If it did, there would be a move to fully enforce the recent (last ten years) anti-spousal abuse laws in the country. The Spanish courts are so overwhelmed with the gender-based crimes these laws were intended to prevent, and the culture of machismo is still so strong, that the laws have no more strength than the paper upon which they were printed.

The idea that a woman must hide herself so as not to instigate unwanted attentions from men is the real degradation. But it adds insult to injury for a government, wanting to make national security more manageable, to proclaim its motive in banning a piece of clothing is to protect women. Bullsh*t!

(Sorry, Jim - must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.)

Jim Penny said...

No apology needed, Crow! I LOVE it!