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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes we don't have to preach

Danger needed a bike. Not just any bike. A mountain bike. And not just any mountain bike. An expensive mountain bike.

And he finally found one he could afford. Used, but new to him. And very do-able.

He swapped out those pedals for the kind your shoes lock into.

Then he bought a helmet. Fullface.

I though that was a bit extreme, but what do I know? I coast down hill.

And he's out for a ride. Jumping mess. High mess. With his feet locked to the pedals.

That drop looks harmless enough, doesn't it? Think a gentle 15 feet.

Here's his helmet after the first run.

Note the arc of scratches along the top, and then start counting stitches. Lots of stitches that could have been.

And imagine the bleeding that would have come with that head wound. Imagine explaining it all to the maternal unit.

He no longer has to explain to me the full face helmet. Cool served a purpose.

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