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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Makeup for my deficiency

Yeah, it's not enough that I paid Starbucks' price for a double coffee this morning.

Or that I slammed down a muffin that exceeded 500 calories, if it was called Glorious Morning.

Hey! Even a psycho deserves a glorious morning once in a while.

Look in the left upper corner. See the two napkins?

Yeah, they dropped off somewhere along the street. I noticed the absence when I spilled coffee on my hand.

I am a litter bug?

My penance was to collect a cup full of trash on the way back.

I'll self-flagellate with blackberry vines later this afternoon.

Location:Carlton St,Athens-Clarke County,United States

1 comment:

The Crow said...

Oooo - kinky - blackberry vines!

I thin collecting trash was penance enough, though.