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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Headblade Sport head shaving system

I have been following this guy on Twitter for some over a year now. He's also on FaceBook. He has been in the process of developing a head shaving system, and I watched him take it from mostly nothing to a patented razor designed for heads.

Last week, I noticed Jim Cantore mentioned using one.

Of course, I'm a skeptic, and I had no intention of dropping $20 on a toy to replace my razor that does its job quite well already.

Still, I was jealous of Cantore.

So this morning at KMart, I walked by the discount aisle, stopping to see if there was something there I might like at half price.

And what do I see, but the Headshave thing.

You know you've arrived when your baby makes it to the half price bin.

Being unable to resist, I brought it home with a small box of razor refills, generic.

The package came with a small sample of shave creme that had not aged well.

However, I don't use shaving cremes anyway. Years ago, I read that Einstein shaved with handsoap, and I decided that was good enough for me.

On roadtrips, I might use the hotel-supplied conditioner or hand lotion. At home, I shave under the shower.

The razor looks like a toy car.

And it fits on your bird finger.

In this pic, I have the Gillette Sensor adapter on because I'm using the KMart knockoffs. The headblade came with a Gillette Atra razor, but I wanted to give the razor a go with the local blades.

And KMart was out of Atra refills.

To kick off the experiment, I took a shower, not that I needed one. I'd only been on two five-mile walks today. Washed three loads of clothes. Shopped for groceries. And rearranged the car trunk for next week's roadtrip.

The deodorant was still holding up. I'm sure it was.

Of course, I had three days of stubble on my head, and that was going to present a challenge to any razor.

Hopping out of the shower, I figured I'd need something on my head to lubricate the scalp, and the generic handsoap from Food Lion served well.

As you would expect, it took a few minutes to adapt my strokes to the new razors shape. Changing hands started that adaptation all over again.

However, I found it trivial to use the Headblade correctly. Mostly, you roll it over your head like a toy car.

I noticed that the Headblade seemed less prone to leave gaps than my regular razor, which is a Schick disposable purchased on deep discount at Food Lion.

In the end, I felt this shave was superior to my usual shave.

However, we know that first tries often go better with many things. The question is about how the 30th try goes. There's also the business of using the Headblade in the shower, not by the sink in front of a mirror.

We'll give it a go for the next week or so, and then let #1 Son give it a whirl. I see a video coming up soon.

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Hey...thanks for the HeadBlade shout out.

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