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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ear cooties

Someone needs to trim this pinky nail.

It made it's way into my right ear and left a cut. Now, cooties have moved in.

Doesn't look all that exciting, does it?

Look again.

Even a healthy ear looks gnarly like that. And this reminds me that I need some new earbobs.

So it's off to KMart for peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide. Not full strength. Just 3%. That extra oxygen atom makes for a wonder drug.

A quart is as small as the bottles come. And the bottles are sealed for my protection.

So I remove the cap

Fill it with the peroxide solution. And pour the solution into my ear.

Note the absorbing towel in place. If I omit the towel, I'll spill the peroxide.

The solution spits and fizzes on contact with the cooties. The cooties then die. Much as they would die if I used alcohol, though without the chorus from my screaming.


This mess itches like nothing else in the world. You should home scratch it gentle with a match stem for me.

Then apply the new antibiotic ointment carefully.

And I am healed. (We'll apply the alcohol internally for good measure.)

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