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Saturday, July 31, 2010

AT&T redefines poor communication and customer service

So I came home to flakey net service yesterday. Sporadic and getting worse. After a walk, no better.

Unplug the wireless router. Go to bed. Sleep. Do morning stuff. Plug in at 10.

Even with a cable.

No luck.

45 minutes later, the CS gal tells me they are doing system maintenance. In the broad daylight.

I could just spit!

Could they have scheduled this work for less popular times? Could they have announced something?

A tweet would help!

This stupidity is so common these days. Let's balance the burden and expense directly on the customer's back. They won't do more than complain.

How long have you waited while pretending to fly? Had to pee while the bathroom was under reconstruction? Lost a conference call because someone rebooted a phone system at 4pm? Heard about sunspots causing the digital static with your cable?

It just makes me appreciate the very few organizations that still see customer service as a part if doing business.

Southwest Air. Zappos.

Play your role. Communicate problems. Make a small corner of the works a little better. Watch the money come rolling in.

Now if I could just find a reliable ISP.

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