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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone is out to get me

Hardly anyone actually gets me these days, but it would appear that efforts aimed at my eventual demise are about to become an Olympic Sport.

Case in point...

I went to fetch coffee from the company kitchen yesterday. Yeah, the pot was about empty, but that's not why we're here.

I reached for MiniMoos and Splenda.

There, between the two, I see candy, the kind in small bites like we see at Halloween.

I figure one or ten of these would be good with the coffee.

Finish Powerball. Maybe they're something like Powerbars.

The coffee worked out well, and I set out to try the candy. A small piece like this surely can't have all that many calories.

Cherry skittle in the middle. Blueberry top. Vanilla bottom.

This would be yummy were it not for the minor fact that it goes in the dishwasher!

Someone should check on the double indemnity.

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