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Sunday, June 6, 2010


We need to cook the snausages you thawed out yesterday. That means you need to oil the pan.

You know the oil needs to be spread over the bottom completely.

That's better.

Now find the snausages.

No! Not in the freezer. You put them in the fridge yesterday to thaw.

That's better. They're under the roadkill pita. Snag the pack.

Notice the red sticker. That means the snausages are some 30% better that the rest.

Now, put the snausages in the pan.

Put on the lid, and then turn on the bathroom to clean any smoke before the fire alarm goes off. Close the bathroom door so I don't have to listen to the roar.

You can snarf some Lily Kibble while the snausages cook. Remember to flip them about half way through the kibble.

Toward the end of the kibble, turn off the burner, and let them finish in the residual heat while you drink the kibble milk and watch Ice Road Truckers.

When your show changes, put the snausages in a burper thing to keep in the fridge.

Put them in the fridge where they can rebuild that relationship with the roadkill pita.

You're going to make sammiches out of most of those snausages, but you might chip up one to put back in the pan to make scrambled snausag and eggs, probably with cheese too.

That should thicken up your blood.

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The Crow said...

"That should thicken up your blood."

Yessir, I believe it will, but what a way to go.