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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Secret smoothie day

They save all the fun stuff at work until they know I'll be gone. Take today, for example. Secret Smoothie Day.

This'll teach 'em! I made my smoothie 30 minutes early with far greater culinary risk!

Find some eggs.

That's right. In the bottom of your neighbor's fridge.

Put three in the blender thingie. Without shells!

The shells go in the trash.

Your neighbor drinks too much beer.

Now find a nanner

In the pantry across the hall. Peel the nanner. Put the mooshie inside into the blender thingie.

The peels go in the trash with the egg shells. Unless you plan to smoke the peelings later.

Find the generic Splenda.

Yep. That neighbor has too much stuff in the kitchen.

Put a huge spoonful in the blender thingie. Life is too short to not have stuff sweet enough.

Go downstairs to borrow milk from the handsome neighbor who works too much.

Pour a lot into the blender thingie. Leave a little room at the top.

Admire the profile.

Put all the blender pieces together with not a one plugged into the wall. Remember this is one of Mama's Big Laws.

Plug it in.

Hold on tight(ly) and press the button. In a few moments, let go of only the button, unplug the blender according to Mama's Law, and take it all apart.

Sip and slurp while writing the post. You can also call the peeps to let them know you are onto their sordid little scheme.

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