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Monday, June 7, 2010

Here's why the law requires socks with sandals

So silly me returned from the lake last week, feeling all frisky, and decided to cap the day with a five-miler. The path is well-work from me and the 80 bazillion other people. I'll be out perhaps 90 minutes.

Then it's TV time!

But what to wear? So many decisions. Finally, I'm down to the shoes.

I'm thinking the sandals.

The pair from last winter at the KMart sale.

No prob here. The mistake was foregoing the socks.

About half way through, I'm barefootin' through the grass as best I can. Finally, sliding the sandals back on, but with the baggy legs of my jeans slipped between hoof and hoof cover.

At this point, some many days afterwards, I can speak of this event.

Here's what you don't want.



It helps to learn from the mistakes of others. Let this be the post that saves you from this miserable fate.

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