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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A different kind of breakfast

When wake up is at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, breakfast is going to be different.

While the laundry is washing, start some biscuits.

Just like Mama used to thaw.

Actually, the bag has been open for a while, and I need to use them or throw them out.

Make a neat arrangement.

If you let them touch, they'll rise more.

While the biscuits cook, go move the laundry to the dryers. Yes, three loads on a Sunday morning. At 3:30.

When you get the clothes to the dryers, remember that you forgot the dryer sheets. Go back upstairs to fetch them because death by static electricity is unpleasant.

When you get the dryer sheets in the dryers with the clothes, remember that you left the laundry card upstairs. Upstairs, tear apart the apartment, and then find the laundry card in your pocket.

Go back downstairs to start the dryers. Be glad the elevators are running.

After all that, you'd expect the biscuits to be finished, but the oven runs cool, and there's time to cook the turkey burgers you snagged on sale yesterday.

Add some olive oil to the ham grease you left in the pan last night.

And drop in the two burgers.

While the burgers cook, check on the biscuits. Pull them out when they're done enough.

One stuck to the pan. Don't let that depress you. It's just that you need to replace that pan with something more substantial, perhaps in cast iron.

At some point, the burgers are done.

I'll eat this one with steak sauce. The second one, with Texas Pete.

You're probably wondering now what the biscuits are about.

They're dessert.

Find the grape jelly.

Glob some onto the plate with a couple of biscuits.

As you know, the hard part here is making the biscuit and the jelly come out right. Not to worry, we have extra of both, and you can backfill as necessary until they both go together.

This is why we all need additional practice with the biscuits and jelly.

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