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Monday, June 7, 2010

Boycott BP if you must...and if you can do no better

Today's walk took me by the BP near NSCU that I rarely visit. It's just not conveniently situated for me.

I was reminded of the on-going cry to not purchase gas from BP.

That's probably not going to help unless you're a little smarter in your execution than just not buying the gas.

Those stations are generally owned and operated by small businesses and a few families. They do not make their money selling gasoline. They make their living selling coffee, drinks, and snacks to the people who also bought gasoline.

The markup on the coffee is substantial. The rest of the pot is pure profit after that first cup. Or close to it.

In contrast, that station might make a nickle or so on each gallon of gas you buy.

Boycotting BP will more likely hurt the station owners and employees. I doubt BP really notices, no more than Exxon has missed me since the Valdez.

If you want to take a poke at BP, you'd do better to buy less gas, period. And maybe support alternative fuels legislation. The only real reason we need gasoline now is because the oil lobby owns congress, or at least a large chunk.

Not so long ago, that same lobby owned the presidency.

So get out there. Buy your gas from Shell if you need. Just stop in for coffee or something at that BP you now pass up.

Location:Ligon St,Raleigh,United States

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