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Monday, June 28, 2010

I have a regret

Like most old farts, I have a few regrets, though none you're ever likely to know about, and none until now that would be put up for public review.

I'm in the middle of a book review, and I came home from work a little early today to finish reading the thing without the on-going interruptions that preclude coherent thought.

And it seemed reasonable to do a few miles of intervals before the final cuddle with the book.

Little did I know just how dehydrated I had become in the office today.

Cut the five miles to three. Home early. Some watermelon seems a good way to attend to the dehydration. Plus it'll be full of other good stuff.

If only I new my limit...

Yeah, I'm in pain.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Healing Walk

Fasting blood work days are the pits. The whole day is screwn from the wrecked schedule.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day with Lily and Josh

Some days, it all comes together. This was one of those days.

The thundering herd rolled in directly after 12, and we kept the momentum going with a trip to Cookout.

Yeah, it was good. It always is. On the return to the corral, we stopped by KMart for a few supplies.

Then back home for some Twilight. We agreed that the books were far better than the flicks, though Lil was not all that much a fan of the books, at least the first volume.

During the flicks, there were housekeeping chores to keep up.

Then off to the Flying Saucer. Red Oak on tap about says it all.

From there, it was on to Ben and Jerry's for dessert. Josh needed a little chocolate.

Lil went for a waffle cone with even more chocolate.

And with that, it was done. A tank of gas. Lots of hugs. And they're off to continue their newly adult lives.

The house seems suddenly quiet.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone is out to get me

Hardly anyone actually gets me these days, but it would appear that efforts aimed at my eventual demise are about to become an Olympic Sport.

Case in point...

I went to fetch coffee from the company kitchen yesterday. Yeah, the pot was about empty, but that's not why we're here.

I reached for MiniMoos and Splenda.

There, between the two, I see candy, the kind in small bites like we see at Halloween.

I figure one or ten of these would be good with the coffee.

Finish Powerball. Maybe they're something like Powerbars.

The coffee worked out well, and I set out to try the candy. A small piece like this surely can't have all that many calories.

Cherry skittle in the middle. Blueberry top. Vanilla bottom.

This would be yummy were it not for the minor fact that it goes in the dishwasher!

Someone should check on the double indemnity.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A different kind of breakfast

When wake up is at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, breakfast is going to be different.

While the laundry is washing, start some biscuits.

Just like Mama used to thaw.

Actually, the bag has been open for a while, and I need to use them or throw them out.

Make a neat arrangement.

If you let them touch, they'll rise more.

While the biscuits cook, go move the laundry to the dryers. Yes, three loads on a Sunday morning. At 3:30.

When you get the clothes to the dryers, remember that you forgot the dryer sheets. Go back upstairs to fetch them because death by static electricity is unpleasant.

When you get the dryer sheets in the dryers with the clothes, remember that you left the laundry card upstairs. Upstairs, tear apart the apartment, and then find the laundry card in your pocket.

Go back downstairs to start the dryers. Be glad the elevators are running.

After all that, you'd expect the biscuits to be finished, but the oven runs cool, and there's time to cook the turkey burgers you snagged on sale yesterday.

Add some olive oil to the ham grease you left in the pan last night.

And drop in the two burgers.

While the burgers cook, check on the biscuits. Pull them out when they're done enough.

One stuck to the pan. Don't let that depress you. It's just that you need to replace that pan with something more substantial, perhaps in cast iron.

At some point, the burgers are done.

I'll eat this one with steak sauce. The second one, with Texas Pete.

You're probably wondering now what the biscuits are about.

They're dessert.

Find the grape jelly.

Glob some onto the plate with a couple of biscuits.

As you know, the hard part here is making the biscuit and the jelly come out right. Not to worry, we have extra of both, and you can backfill as necessary until they both go together.

This is why we all need additional practice with the biscuits and jelly.

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He's dead, Jim

I live in a building with 11 floors of dormitory-style apartments. We have a rich international cross-section represented here, most of whom attend one of the local schools.

We also have bugs.

I found this beast belly up near the laundry room as I laundrificated at 4 a.m. I've seen bigger, but not here.

Although the conditions provided by the residents make the building prime territory for roaches, the building owners go out of their way to render the building a hostile environment.

Of course, the pendulum swings. Last month, I had a veritable explosion of the beasts. I attribute that the exterminators doing their job, floor by floor, pushing the roaches higher each day until I wondered if I should shoot something for SyFy.

The roach motels, however, did their job, reducing the population substantially, though not completely. I'm not sure that I'd want to live here if the bugs were unable to survive.

Think that through the next time you're buying produce without a single bug munch evident. Are you sure you want to eat something the bugs were unwilling to eat?

This leaves me to wonder what other kinds of beasts lurk in those walls. I probably don't want to know, at least not until I move.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ham rescue

It's been a rough day, just as yesterday, and the effect of the dessert for lunch was not as long felt as it might have been.

Fortunately for much of the world, there are two pieces of smoked ham in the fridge.

We're having both for dinner.

Pit the ham on the pan, the big iron pan. We are not kidding around this evening.

Let it simmer covered at about half heat, swapping the over and under occassionally. At some point, it's mostly done, but not yet fit to eat.

Take off the lid, cut away the bones, and toss them.

Remember that Mama would gnaw these bones all night. You do not have to, not yet anyway.

You will, however, retain the fat edges. We both know that's the best part.

Slice the ham into bite-sized pieces. Let it simmer uncovered until it starts to burn.

Put some paper towels on a plate, and put the ham on the paper towels.

It would be better to use the Melmac, just like Mama used.

Leave the pan covered for the night. You'll want the renderings for use with tomorrow's breakfast.

Now find a beer, preferably not a light one. This is no time for a light beer.

Jimmy's lager will do quite well tonight. Try not to think about there being only two left, which means tomorrow starts the light stuff.

Talk about potential suffering.

Chow down! Try not to eat the paper towel.

The paper towel would taste good, but it'll do better in the campfire you need to build.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dessert for lunch

If you live long enough, you'll have one of those days. We have one going on here.

It's time for ice cream. Well, sorbet, but that should count.

Let's go.

Park the bike near the wall at Ben and Jerry's.

If I had taken the car, the tires would have lost a lot of rubber today.

We have new staff, and I have to explain my status in their world.

But it finally get's through.

Which lasts about two minutes.

Yeah, I'll be licking the bowl soon.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Secret smoothie day

They save all the fun stuff at work until they know I'll be gone. Take today, for example. Secret Smoothie Day.

This'll teach 'em! I made my smoothie 30 minutes early with far greater culinary risk!

Find some eggs.

That's right. In the bottom of your neighbor's fridge.

Put three in the blender thingie. Without shells!

The shells go in the trash.

Your neighbor drinks too much beer.

Now find a nanner

In the pantry across the hall. Peel the nanner. Put the mooshie inside into the blender thingie.

The peels go in the trash with the egg shells. Unless you plan to smoke the peelings later.

Find the generic Splenda.

Yep. That neighbor has too much stuff in the kitchen.

Put a huge spoonful in the blender thingie. Life is too short to not have stuff sweet enough.

Go downstairs to borrow milk from the handsome neighbor who works too much.

Pour a lot into the blender thingie. Leave a little room at the top.

Admire the profile.

Put all the blender pieces together with not a one plugged into the wall. Remember this is one of Mama's Big Laws.

Plug it in.

Hold on tight(ly) and press the button. In a few moments, let go of only the button, unplug the blender according to Mama's Law, and take it all apart.

Sip and slurp while writing the post. You can also call the peeps to let them know you are onto their sordid little scheme.

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I found someone's dream at KMart

During the final steps of this morning's walk, with my head filled with a few thousand nuggets of statistical crap no one else would ever need, much less want, to remember, I espied with my little eye a glimmer of an official-looking scrap of paper. Closer inspection revealed a lottery ticket.

Carolina Pick 3, yesterday's draw, to be precise.

Precise. You know, it really amuses me when someone expects, and demands, a precise statistical answer.

Get over it. We estimate the likelihood that something will happen fairly precisely, given what we know.

For example, I don't have to check the web site to strongly expect that I'm holding a loosing ticket. Most tickets are loosers. That's how the house wins.

And that's why we, usually, loose.

Of course, whoever dropped this ticket is very likely bemoaning the loss of a few hundred dollars.

Why do I think the ticket hit the ground before the numbers were known? Because the paper was not crumpled.

It's crumpled now. That happened directly after I checked the web site.

I remain the loser, even on someone else's dream.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The volunteer pansies continue

Yep. Right where I left them, all in harm's way. The little things continue.

In white and yellow...

And yellow and white...

And a blue purple with yellow...

All the while the nurtured pansies are long gone. Replaced with big purple things.

And littler pink and yellow things.

Both of which are just fine. It's just that if I had to choose, and I'm glad that I don't have to choose, I believe I'd choose the volunteer pansies.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Foursquare pays off at Ben and Jerry's

Yes, it did. Finally!

My strawberry-kiwi sorbet. And the staff was quite pleased to meet the High Mayor.

I didn't even demand my tribute beyond the three scoops for three bucks.

Am I good or what!

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Boycott BP if you must...and if you can do no better

Today's walk took me by the BP near NSCU that I rarely visit. It's just not conveniently situated for me.

I was reminded of the on-going cry to not purchase gas from BP.

That's probably not going to help unless you're a little smarter in your execution than just not buying the gas.

Those stations are generally owned and operated by small businesses and a few families. They do not make their money selling gasoline. They make their living selling coffee, drinks, and snacks to the people who also bought gasoline.

The markup on the coffee is substantial. The rest of the pot is pure profit after that first cup. Or close to it.

In contrast, that station might make a nickle or so on each gallon of gas you buy.

Boycotting BP will more likely hurt the station owners and employees. I doubt BP really notices, no more than Exxon has missed me since the Valdez.

If you want to take a poke at BP, you'd do better to buy less gas, period. And maybe support alternative fuels legislation. The only real reason we need gasoline now is because the oil lobby owns congress, or at least a large chunk.

Not so long ago, that same lobby owned the presidency.

So get out there. Buy your gas from Shell if you need. Just stop in for coffee or something at that BP you now pass up.

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Here's why the law requires socks with sandals

So silly me returned from the lake last week, feeling all frisky, and decided to cap the day with a five-miler. The path is well-work from me and the 80 bazillion other people. I'll be out perhaps 90 minutes.

Then it's TV time!

But what to wear? So many decisions. Finally, I'm down to the shoes.

I'm thinking the sandals.

The pair from last winter at the KMart sale.

No prob here. The mistake was foregoing the socks.

About half way through, I'm barefootin' through the grass as best I can. Finally, sliding the sandals back on, but with the baggy legs of my jeans slipped between hoof and hoof cover.

At this point, some many days afterwards, I can speak of this event.

Here's what you don't want.



It helps to learn from the mistakes of others. Let this be the post that saves you from this miserable fate.

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