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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Not 100 feet from my brother's house, we found a large box turtle crossing the road. I went to help it out of harm's way, and the freakin' thing turned to chase me.

Later, it disappeared into the woods by the road. About an hour afterwards, I found it under a pile of leaves and mulch. I suppose it was cooing from it's time on the pavement.


Laura said...

are you SURE that wasn't a snapper?

Next time, just pick it up - 9 and 3 on the shell. They can't bite you from that angle. But they can poop on you, so you'll want to hold it off to the side. :)

Jim Penny said...

The thing is, and I've seen this on TV, they can swap ends inside the shell.

Initially, I gave it credit for being a lovestruck male, but after reading the slider web site, I suspect Mama was looking for a next, and I was getting in the way.