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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Supper for breakfast

I bought this yesterday afternoon to eat for last night's supper, but my walk lasted longer than I anticipated. Watermelon does not make a prudent late night snack.

A seedless watermelon.

Grown in the USA? That surprised me. I sorta like knowing the food is from a foreign, perhaps exotic, land. The food is probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing such places. In the eating, and sometimes the drinking, the place becomes a part of me.

Here comes the knife.

And it does it's duty.

The second half will need to wait.

So I find a towel for my lap, sit on the couch, and slice further while a WW II documentary drones in the background.

Yes, Cartesian coordinates apply to watermelon eating. Otherwise, I might become lost.

Out comes the first chunk.

Followed by many more.

I start in the middle out of habit. A seeded watermelon does not have seeds in the middle.

For an early season watermelon, this sample was sufficient.

Yes, I've had better, but Wilson is dead, and we'll never know watermelons like his again.

Of course, even at sufficient, I still ate the second half.

There's gonna be a penalty for that.

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