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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skip to m'loo in London's Heathrow

International toilettes can be the stuff of legends.

Bear in mind that I really am old enough to remember when my parents installed indoor plumbing at our house. Before that, we had an outhouse and several trees.

My unintended trip to London by way of Heathrow airport left me with a six hour layover, much of which I needed to make changes to my next flight lest I just walk, if not swim, to Brussels.

At some point, nature called, and I took the opportunity to document the facilities.

Generally, I can report that the facilities provided by this outpost of London were, with one exception, civilized.

The toilet?

The low flow version of John Crapper's original design. No problem here if the structure does differ on surface features.

The paper dispenser.

Large and plastic, just like home, if the paper is not on a roll.

Now, having paper in sheets is not so much the problem.

Think half a Kleenex in size.

However, two molecules of water exceed the absorbancy quality of the sheet. Your going back for more, a lot more. You might as well plan ahead and start pulling early.

London needs a consult on proper loo paper, and I offer my wealth of experience in this matter as a gesture of international cooperation.

Location:Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères,Brussels,Belgium

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