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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ringing the bells on Sunday morning

Every Sunday morning of our miserable lives, either Bro or I had to ring the bells for Tink and Addie. 9 a.m. sharp. No variations. One minute of ringing.

The weather didn't matter. Who was dead or born didn't matter. Being sick didn't matter. Those bells got rung, or there was a three hour lecture to be experienced.

For the trouble, one of us would get an extra $1 at Christmas.

Now, just so you understand the Wisdom of Tink, you need to know that he put the big bell in the middle of the tower. He didn't want it on the top because that would make the tower top-heavy and likely to topple over. For that same reason, he didn't want the top bell rung very often.

The tower is 20 feet tall. The foot of the tower extends 20 feel into the ground, filled with concrete and angle iron. It all makes a very good lightening rod.

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