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Friday, May 28, 2010

The proper peanut butter sammich for the formal occassion

I suspect there's a paucity of proper technique and a preponderance of misconceptions regarding the correct way to prepare a peanut butter sammich for the formal occassion.

What you are about to see is the procedure for preparing the formal and proper peanut butter sammich. Study closely. You'll need this for the test.

Find the bread

And fetch two slices

Now find the PB

And the mayo

Apply a scoop of each to the bread

The tool of choice is the fork.

Now find a nanner

And the oatmeal

The nanner goes on the PB, and the oatmeal goes on the mayo.

Pat the oatmeal into the mayo, and then close the sammich.

You may eat the left over piece of nanner.

Enjoy your breakfast with a tall glass of cold skim milk.

Be sure your cardiologist knows how well you are eating.

There you go. Teach this to your children.

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