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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Belgium Vacation

We finished up about 4 p.m. today, and that left me with maybe an hour to fill so I went for a walkabout. We're in the tourist district, so it was crowded, and I kept the walking brief.

I sought to find this bar again, but I failed.

It is so named for me, but I found this one with my portrait out front. I did not go in.

Don't I look natural?

I know a couple of people who'd be about right in these dresses, but buying clothes for women is one place whee I bat a complete failure.

Any mistake in any matter, and you can kiss my bohuncus goodbye. The dresses stated in the window.

Question: Does the suit cone with the gold eyeliner? Think 200 Euros. That's a lot to pay for eyeliner.

I missed this landmark several times. I have a talent for missing churches.

My question is just what treasures did they dig up here? I saw none.

Meanwhile, this iconography was totally unexpected, even on a coffee bean.

Meanwhile, for as much as I'd prefer to live elsewhere, I must look further. Eleven hundred euro for two bedrooms and one bath is a bit steep for me, even if the crapper is called a water closet.

Location:Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères,Brussels,Belgium

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