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Friday, May 28, 2010

How to make leftover TacoBell for lunch

Find the remnants of the Grandé Meal you bought the other day, the one with ten bean burritos.

Fetch out two burritos.

And let them warm a few minutes.

Then unwrap

Try not to blush over the nekkid burritos

And put them in the microwave on high for 45 seconds.

Listen to then scream.

Flip them over and repeat the buzz.

Meanwhile, find the milk and pour a glass.

Let the heat distribute through the burritos while you check-in on all forms of social media.

And then chow down.

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The Crow said...

And I thought the peanut-butter-mayo-nanner-oatmeal sammich was bad!

At least the oatmeal provided some fiber. Of course, the TacoBell meal could, too, if you had left the wrappers on.

Bon appetit! :)

Jim Penny said...

Bachelor eatin' in the summer at it's best!