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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hilton Dinner: Take One

As the tweeps learned: Finding himself unwilling to cross 8 lanes of DC traffic for fish, our intrepid Psycho casts himself upon the kindness of Hilton waitstaff. /via @jimpenny

I need better insurance to cross that street, if street is the word to use for that abomination.

We're staying in.

First course...

Some kind of wheat beer to go with my sweet salty nuts. The brewmeister needs a handshake. I am drinking a loaf of bread!

The main course...

Most excellent! Beef. Erstwhile BBQ sauce. Sweet tater fries.

The ribs needed another six hours in the oven. Although there was absolutely nothing wrong with them, and they were quiet tasty, I always want the bone to slide away from the meat, fat, and gristle.

Yes, I will lick and suck the bones clean if given half a chance.

That was not the case here, though from the looks of things, the defficiencies did not slow me down all that much.

I also think the chef needs a little education regarding BBQ. It is not possible to make BBQ from beef. In addition, no deity permits tomato anywhere near the BBQ sauce.

However, it's been a very long time since there was any form of southern, much less North Carolina, culinary enlightenment near DC.

Regardless of the poor nomenclature and the need for more time in the oven, I sit here with a very happy tum, glad I walked a little this morning to make up for my caloric excess this evening.

Of course, my last real meal was in Brussels, served at a slow and contemplative pace. I think American dining would benefit from a large dose of that styling.

Location:Bouic Ave,Rockville,United States


The Crow said...

I like my beef ribs with a dry rub, sauce on the side. I much prefer a vinegar-mustard-based sauce with beef, but nothing too sweet, regardless...and - as you say - no tomato.

Assuming you are home again, glad you arrived back safe and sound.

Jim Penny said...


I'm home at least in the timezone and continent sense. This week, I'm in Rockville doing a repeat of what we did in Brussels. Same organization; different room of people. Different but equally good to work with.

Sometimes I get lucky.

I think you need to come down and offer some counselling to this chef!