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Monday, May 3, 2010

Harnassing the power of the retweet


The Buzz: Korean researchers just published an important new analysis of the way people use Twitter, notes the lead story in this morning’s SmartBrief on Social Media. Boffins at Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology vacuumed up Twitter’s entire database to study the way people relate to one another online — and their results offer a startling snapshot of the ways in which the site is changing how we interact and share information online.

The World Shrinks: One of the group’s key findings is the extent to which Twitter is shrinking the world we live in. Offline, we’re supposedly six degrees of separation from anyone else on the planet — but on Twitter, the researchers found, any user can connect to any other user in just four follower-to-follower jumps. (Now if only Kevin Bacon would sign up …)

And so the world is smaller, from six degrees to four, and I do notice this in my small corner of this planet, even of most of the professionals with whom I associate still deny the potential benefits of social networking as a manner to expand communication and make an extra buck.

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