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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'In God's Hands?' Louisiana House To Vote On Allowing Guns In Churches


The Pic: Automatic weapons at a Las Vegas gun range.

The Buzz: Louisiana state Rep. Henry Burns (R) has introduced a bill in the Louisiana House that would allow churches to institute a "security plan" enabling congregants with concealed weapons permits to carry guns into churches and temples. According to a Burns spokesperson, "we buy fire extinguishers in case there's a fire," and allowing churchgoers to carry concealed is just the "final stage of security" for places of worship. House Bill 68 would allow a church or temple to authorize an unlimited number of congregation members to bring their guns into church, according to the individual church's own guidelines.

This certainly lends new meaning to Christian Soldiers. Perhaps Betty Butterfield and I have finally found us a church.

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