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Friday, May 28, 2010

A final marker

On this afternoon's jaunt, I stopped by an old cemetery that I hadn't visited in almost three years. Yes, I'm wierd that way.

The graves here are all oriented as one would expect in the culture. However, the writing on the stones sometimes faces west, othertimes east.

While here, I found an old marker, a marker far different from the others.

It's a rock, just a rock, with rough but obvious carvings on it. I have yet to be able to read them. Perhaps a rubbing would help.

None the less, it's obvious that the marker is from a time when people had very little more than what the earth had sprinkled about them, and some loving, perhaps greiving, soul stopped long enough to make a marker for someone, a marker that I now sit beside and reflect upon.

I wonder if someone one day might do as much for me.

Upon standing, I tipped my head over and around. The first three letters appear to be "chi." I doubt the Greek letter was intended, leaving me a notch sadder some two hundred years later.

And at that point, a red fox trotted diagonally across the field of graves, pausing to assess the threat I presented, then trotting on, tongue dangling in the heat, reminding me of the growing thirst I've been ignoring for quite some time.

Location:Beryl Rd,Raleigh,United States

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