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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dodge Calibers in U.S. gas pedal probe


The Buzz: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating sticking gas pedals on about 10,000 Dodge Caliber compact cars. In a small number of cases, parts of the gas pedal assembly have apparently fallen off, causing the pedals to come out of alignment and become stuck. The pedals involved in the cases are made by CTS Corp. the same supplier that made gas pedals involved in a massive Toyota recall for sticking gas pedals. However, the actual cause of sticking in the Toyota and Dodge cases appear to be unrelated.

I rented one of these erstwhile beauties a couple of years ago. Definitely not one of Dodge's better ideas. I don't recall a single plastic ergonomic factor the fit me.

And they were all plastic. The ugly, ill-fitting kind of hard plastic.

My retired police cruiser is still be better vehicle, even at a fifth the price.

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