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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dining in the Hilton: Take Two

So it was an unusual evening, one filled with telephony, and I went down to the hotel restaurant early, which meant sitting at the bar for a quick dinner.

We started with the wheat beer. I need to investigate this brewer because the beer is about as good as what I recall from Frankfurt.

Because of the brief time available, I ordered off the happy hour appetizer list.

First, crab cakes. They were good enough, if not all that crabby. I was surprised about the pile of tartar sauce. It could have been smaller.

We followed with sweet tater fries.

I first had these at the North Carolina State Fair, back when I went to the fair, some time in the 80s, and I've made my own since then.

Quite tasty, they were. Now, why they needed to come with catsup, I have no idea, and I'm quite sure the chef in Brussels would not have approved.

Location:Thompson Ave,Rockville,United States

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