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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blow, baby, blow!

While I'm drinking my lunch (milk, you guys) and BP spews deep well crude into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to destroy oceanic ecosystems whither goes the Gulf Stream, I noticed this nugget from the HuffPo.


The Buzz: We stumbled on some gold from Reddit this morning. User "R-Legit" submitted this pic with the headline "BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm. No threats reported. Some claim to enjoy the breeze." Well done. Kudos are also in order for user "glowinthedark" for the comment, "Blow baby, blow!"

Bear in mind that I'm no real fan of wind farms interrupting my vista from a sunny dune, but if I need to choose my poison, I think the visage of windmills trumps strewn globules of crude any day.

Location:Airport Blvd,Morrisville,United States

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