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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blanche and me

We landed about 2230 Monday night, not the 0900 originally planned. The train was still running, and I took it, only later to wonder if that was a mistake.

It was not, and I was fine. Mostly.

The hotel Internet sight told me where to exit the train, Central Station. The site also said the hotel was a short walk from Central Station. That left me expecting to see the hotel from the station.

There was my mistake.

I assumed that I would not likely see the hotel from my initial exit from the station, but I circled the block, only to never see the hotel.

Saw lots of street people, and I pulled my baggage through a few bedrooms. And probably a bathroom or two.

As I completed my loop, I started looking for the taxi that wasn't there.

Then some apparent theatre goers asked if I needed help. I mentioned the hotel. They gave me directions. Then gave me directions again.

I am a slow learner some days, and they picked up on it. Finally, they offered me a ride, and I had visions of making CNN shortly.

Then one of the riders mentioned having worked in North Carolina. What are the odds?

As they took me to the hotel, I realized that I would have never found that hotel on my own. I had, as Blanche duBois, cast myself on the kindness of strangers yet once again, and came out all right.

Could duch have happwned in New York? Raleigh? Some days, I just have to wonder.

Location:Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères,Brussels,Belgium

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