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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A beer for Burton

As is our custom during a visit, we stepped up to spend some time with the dead. Many people find this activity morbid. We were reared there, and the graveyard holds nothing that we fear, many whom we love, and more than one whom we loathe.

All those fright flicks with scary stuff in a graveyard hold little to excite us...unless it's really well done.

Here's the sign

It's a perpetual care cemetary. I doubt my bones ever lie there, though I have cut the grass here often enough to have earned a suite.

Somewhere in these few acres is an unmarked grave.

Given that he left this earth just a few years after the civil war, I doubt we ever do know where he rests. Tink and Addie told the man's story on countless occassions.

What you don't see in this shot is the Masonic emblem. Tink was a Mason. My dear Unca Edsel was also, and might still be.

I suspect right here is where I decided to reject that organization. I never wanted to be like either of those two.

Many people think the graveyard is associated with the church next door.

The two are legally distinct.

The building is Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church. Many of the people now in the graveyard had their service in this church. However, not many people attend this small and dying church.

This sect of Christians is locally known for the yearly associations. These are large homecomings that last all weekend. The food served there is without compare.

They lay it out under this shelter.

The chore for me was to endure the endless hours of mindless preaching before lunch was blessed.

Then try to stay awake after such a meal.

As is common for these old churches, we have a water pump.

I have pumped a river from that well, especially when the power was off because of storms.

This day, I found an errant purple plastic flower off to the side of the yard. There was no telling where it belonged, and I gave it to my grandparents.

That's when I noticed that Burton had no flower by his marker. Just a rusted dogtag thing bedazzled to resemble an American flag.

Now, we all know that Burton liked his beer now and again, and I siezed this moment to do right by Mr. Rug.

No, I do not know why Burton shares a grave with L. Z., but I'm pretty sure L. Z. liked his beer also.

Let's hope they shared.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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