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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Writer Goes Undercover At Gay-To-Straight Conversion Camp


The Buzz: Have you ever wondered what it might be like to spend a weekend of your life in the middle of the desert at one of those quasi-Christian camps dedicated to "curing" the gay right out of your genitals? Well, wonder no more! Over at Alternet, you can read all about how Ted Cox went undercover at a "Journey Into Manhood" camp, Matt Taibbi-in-The Great Derangement-style. What does it feel like for a man, learning to be a man, with the help of other men? It involves isolation and strange rituals and "Native American flute music" and re-enactments of junior high school gym class humiliations.

This might be the best read that HuffPo has ever published. And the "exercises" prescribed in the process are at times astoundingly homoerotic and at other times decidedly disturbing in their violence.

I do not see how the journalist maintained his cover in the face of all this nonsense.

However, the real sadness in the reading for me is that I have had prolonged communications and face-to-face conversations with otherwise seemingly intelligent people regarding my need to attend such therapy.

Of course, there was also discussion of brain tumors. And demon posession. And an overbearing mother with a weak father.

Name the innane stereotype, and it reared it's head. That a man could honestly be gay was not a considered possibility, and I doubt that anything I said caused anyone to see that.

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