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Friday, April 9, 2010

Worrying the apartment building peeps

Having spent some 50 years deep in the closet, I usually recognize discomfort in others very well.

Case in point. The apartment building elevators.

Nope. This time it's not about conversation in the confined space, though I do enjoy playing that game when I'm feeling energetic and frisky.

And I rarely threaten personal space. There are many international students here, personal space has ambiguous meaning. And I do leave the severely wrapped ladies mostly alone aside from conversational pleasantries, which are, frankly, enough to scare them back to the homeworld.

Those American men and their uncontrolled libidoes. Good grief! Someone should give those folks a clue.

Today, it's about my response to pressing the call button and the door immediately opens because someone else had the misfortune of arriving in the lobby just as I did.

Sometime I say and do nothing, especially when I'm tired.

More often, this morning being a case in point, I give the exiting passenger a big thank you for the timely and speedy delivery of my elevator.

The response is occassionally a reciprocal engagement for the time it takes us to swap places.

Sometimes it's a brief smile.

This morning with the college boy headed off to class in his green Polo shirt with khaki baggies and white sneaks, the response is absolutely nothing, he just kept walking forward and out the building. So predictable. So straight.

He probably shivered, shuddered, and shook when the doors closed behind us both.

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