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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A walk in the woods

To continue with the heavy breathing and sweating, we took a walk in the yellow wood. Yes, there was a little pollen about.

Jordan Lake should be about solid by now.

The wipers could almost clear the windshield. (One day, someone needs to repair my crack.)

So we made it to Vista Point and paid the five bucks to park. These are some expensive woods!

After a stop at the bathhouse, we headed out. It's probably illegal to pee on a tree there.

Along the way we found yellow water.


And even more

My shoes and pants were yellowed.

Then we found a tobacco barn from a previous generation.


The sad thing is that I have worked countless hours in just such a barn back home, and I have the stretch marks to show for it.

We heard a rattle in the barn as we moved about. I suggested it was a squirrel or raccon. Maybe a rat or possum.

It was a buzzard.

Apparently, it has a nest at the top of the building. When it did fly, it was only a few feet to nearby tree.

I asked the beast if he were waiting for me to croak. Silence. I the reminded the old man that I was one bitter old queen. He would need a lot of sauce to get me down.

And so ended the day. Almost five miles. A couple of liters of water. A pack of strawberries. Sore feet. Dins and and early bedtime.

And not one snake. But many death spiders. And one ravenous tick.

I feel lucky to have survived.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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