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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A tomato sandwich for breakfast

I have recently had the most lustfull feelings for a tomato sandwich, and with tomatoes out of season here, it could be months before I had one.

So I bought a Mexican greenhouse mater, or as we might say, matus.

Let's hope it tastes half as good as it looks. Think of it as practicing my Spanish.

Find the mayo

I need to warn Duke's that Food Lion is giving them a run for their money in the mayo department.

Find the bread

Double fiber to preclude the ribaldry of two summers ago. Omega-3 to keep the doc quiet.

Slice the matus on the green Melmac plate.

Put just a little mayo on two slices of bread.

Notice m'mama's old family heirloom under the bread.

Add the slice of matus. Notice I felt a hunger paign, and I decided to double dip.

Salt and pepper to taste if you must. I will not.

Put the lid on and chow down!

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