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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Texting eclipses calling among US teenagers


The Pic: Texting is more popular among girls than boys, the survey showed.

The Buzz: Texting has become the most popular form of communication among young people in the US, research indicates. The study, by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, suggests that texting has eclipsed mobile phone calls among teenagers for the first time. More than 30% of teens send more than 100 texts a day, it shows. Researchers say more payment plans offering unlimited texts have helped to create the surge in the US, which used to lag other parts of the world.

Ages ago when I first met texting, my reaction was very much WTF??!!! Why would I want to do such a thing?

Then a bud started texting me. Of course, my phone at the time required that I go online to check text messages. A little later with a newer phone and a different carrier, I saw the light.

Now, I text far more often than I call. And I text before a call to ask if it's a good time for a call.

And I use text as a verb.

I've also used texting in areas where AT&T has a weak signal, and those areas are more easily found than you might expect.

Of course, the carriers must be making a mint on texting. The bandwidth needed to transfer 160 characters is miniscule, and it does not need to be continuous, much less strong.

So there you go. So much for my foresight regarding this now ubiquitous technology. I wonder just how much else I've missed.

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