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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spicing up the leftover Black bean, rice, and ham leftovers

We're working from home today. First, I have a deadline, and the lack of interruption is generally important. Second, a part of the subject matter involves oozing holes in human bodies and the treatment thereof.

I have a strong tolerance to this stuff, usually, so making lunch is not an issue. More to the point, when you need someone trained in the matters of the oozing holes you've acquired, you'll be more than glad they were also able to eat lunch between viewings. Yes, this is experience speaking.

Besides, I'm still in PJs at noon. That's always a good thing.

So we pull out a pan.

The one retired from the camping gear.

And we find the leftover soup from a few days ago.

Being burned more than once by leftovers, this container gets a big sniff test and passes.

We'll heat it up to almost a boil, and then commence the doctoring.

You'll want to stir a lot as it heats to prevent sticking and burning. Yes, boiling is too hot to eat, but I like to think the heat would kill any of the few cooties that might be trying to setup house keeping in my soup.

When it's sufficiently hot, pour it in a bowl.

Find the black pepper.

And add a little. Just to taste, as they say. Yes, I like to taste my pepper.

Find one of the roadkill pitas from this morning.

And crumble the better part of one into the soup.

I used a little over half of one.

Remember to pick out and discard the road grit.

Now find the Mexican cheese. Yes, we're working on our Spanish today.

Sprinkle some on top.

And let it all sit a while.

Yes, you'll need some buttermilk to wash it down.

Fat free and cultured, just like me

Served in a Star Trek mug from another day and time.

Good eating, for sure!

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