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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rotini and chickpea salad

We're doubling up on the chickpeas this time, and working to remember the balsamic vinegar.

Get a pot of water to boiling.

Do the other stuff waiting for the boiling to commence.

Find two can of chickpeas. Open, drain, and put each into a two quart container.

Yes, I know this is not Food Lion brand, but it's the best I could do without using the higher priced Goya.

Now find, drain, and rinse the black olives. Split the can between the two containers.

No, you may not start nibbling. We both know you could inhale the entire can.

Find the chopped green olives. One larger jar. Split the olives and the liquid between the two containers.

Add more balsamic vinegar than the law will allow.

You are correct. Food Lion does not carry its own brand of balsamic vinegar. Sadness.

Now, add more olive oil than your nutritionist would permit were he here to render an opinion.

Next, add salt to taste over the objections of your cardiologist. Remember that my mama would tell you that you can always add more, but you cannot remove a single grain.

Here's what we have so far.

The water's boiling. Find the rotini.

Dump it in the pot along with a splash of olive oil to reduce the potential for sticking. I'm using a reduced amount of water so I can more easily control the degree of cooking for the pasta. Al dente is the target.

When the pasta has just a little crunch left, turn off the heat, let it sit, and write your blog.

When it's at the point of al dente that you prefer, drain the pasta. I do not have a drainet, so I do it the old fashioned way. It seems to work just fine.

I let the pasta cool a little before adding it to the salad. It's cool enough for me when I can hold the bowl and not burn my hand.

Split the pasta between the bowls, one spoonfull at the time. Listen to your tummy fuss as you do so.

Stir well. You might use the spoon. You might put on the lid and shake. The latter leads to cleanups on aisle 4. The former is slower with more tummy fussing.

All done.

I like to let it cool some on the counter to permit some of the water evaporate. That seems to increase the intensity of the flavors.

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