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Friday, April 2, 2010

RNC's Filings Reveal Creative Definitions Of 'Office Supplies'


The Buzz: The RNC told the FEC that it spent $982 of its donors' money on "office supplies" from the Boyden Valley Winery last December. "We do not sell office supplies; we are a legal winery operating since 1991 in Cambridge, Vermont," co-owner Linda Boyden told AlterNet.

I need to go work in purchasing for the RNC!

More Buzz: In December, RNC reimbursed [RNC Deputy Finance Director Debbie] LeHardy for $453 worth of "meals" from Henri Bendel, a posh boutique on New York's Fifth Avenue. Bendel's is an upscale source for costume jewelery, handbags and make-up. The store bills itself as a "Girls' Playground for trendsetting young women from around the world."

The store has no restaurant, but it could been delivery.

Third Buzz: Records also show that LeHardy received reimbursement for $282 spent at Boca Grande Outfitters, which bills itself as "the area's most complete saltwater fly fishing and light tackle outfitter." The report designates the reimbursement for "meals." Aaron Sutcliffe, a clerk at BGO, said the store doesn't sell food.

Teach an R to fish...

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