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Saturday, April 10, 2010

RDU gets rid of out-of-shape safety officers


The Pic: Billie C. Rose, a 19-year veteran of the RDU police department, was fired March 14.

The Buzz: The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority is making good on its threat to get rid of fire and rescue workers and police officers who flunk physical fitness tests. Police Lt. Billie C. Rose, a platoon commander with 19 years at RDU, was fired in March because she couldn't do enough push-ups and was too slow on a 300-meter (328 yards) run. Officer John Benanti, a 12-year veteran who trained RDU police recruits, met the standards for push-ups and a 1.5-mile run. But Benanti struggled with his weight for a long time, he said, and never hit the mark for sit-ups and the run. He is one of two who quit before he could be fired.

Well, well, on the surface, this all seems fine and dandy. Officers need to be fit. EMT peeps need to be fit. Firefighters need to be fit. We all probably nod in agreement over that.

As do I as long as the requirements are suitable for the job, and what makes suitable is definitely up for debate, especially after the one officer with the right legal connections is fired.

More to the point, I suspect we'll be seeing far more of this sooner and sooner. Imagine when health insurance carriers offer discounts to the fit. Organizations will then require employees to be fit to lower the costs of the premiums. Later, organizations start to hire the young and fit as a preference that holds down insurance costs.

Will some one then cover the gym membership?

So where does being sufficiently fit occur? Walk a mile? Run a mile? How fast? Situps? Pushups?

And soon talent takes a back seat.

And get this, straight people, while you're growing fat sitting at church, all those gay people who scare you are in the gym getting fitter. You could be facing trouble.

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