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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pressing my luck on a warm afternoon

On the off chance that something might finally come out right for a change, I stepped to the arb.

Yeah, that one. The one that had a nail in the street.

I wore my Easter bonnet.

And was greeted as I entered by a redbud.

Inside, I found a sample of Stinkalottamus blancus.

And yes, some heathenous infidel had trimmed the forsythia.

Probably the same jackass that cultivates this mess.

It and the ground around it should be burned in diesel fuel.

The bastard probably lives here.

Meanwhile, beauty is not in the eye of this beholder.

Someone else had that job and paid good American money for it.

Meanwhile, Da Man seeks to push my buttons.

So I turn to be a good boy, only to quake in my tracks.

I entered anyway. The scene of the crime.

Guarded by lots of white stinky flowers.

And white lilies. Not the wheat flour, but the flower flowers

My mama would ask who died. I'd just point her back to the wedding notice, and she'd shake her head.

Location:Beryl Rd,Raleigh,United States

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