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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pollen Vs. Cold with an odd deity in the background

We have had extraordinary pollen this year. It might be the worst year on record. Of course, pollen density recording began in 1997 here, so I doubt setting a record means all that much yet.

So last night a cold front rushed through. Heavy rain. Brief threat of swirlies. More rain. And colder air.

I cheered the loss of the pollen in the air last night. I bemoaned the loss of the warm air this morning. As usual, I stand alone in preferring the pollen to the cold.

The Neti pot takes care of the pollen, but does little for the cold.

So I take an early morning jaunt to fetch some coffee. 57 degrees. Think sweater.

Along the way, I noticed the bud on the climbing rose that I'd been watching through the past week had opened while I was in DC.

After I fetched the coffee, it started raining. Great. I have no hat.

But I did find what I expected to see everywhere.

A puddle with pollen by the edges. I suppose it rained so hard last night that most of the pollen went down the storm drains. I did not see one dried puddle with a pollen ring, not unti the rain returned.

OK, so I'm cold. I'm wet. If I could just be hungry, I could be perfectly miserable. Surely, there's a deity somewhere who could help me out here.

A few more steps down the road, I see a series of lumps in my lane. A man grabbing something metal from the lane, and running to his small truck.

A driver from Neomonde has lost a bit of his load of pita bread.

I draw closer and grab a few bags, hold them up, ask if he needs help gathering them, and he waves some kind of "no," driving away.

A pickup driver showed annoyance at my standing in the street.

I gathered up a few more bags of pita, ad much as I could easily carry in one hand, and headed home.

Six bags.

Only one was whole wheat.

Maybe I should return for more, but be more selective in my gleaning.

Meanwhile, it stopped raining when I reached home. The sun popped out, and the sky turned blue. My sweater and pants are hung on a chair to dry.

Some deities have the devil's own time getting with the program.

Location:Westgrove St,Raleigh,United States

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