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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orphaned Trojan: Spartacus would be proud

So on my walk the other evening, I found an orphaned Trojan on the NCSU sidewalk across from Mitch's.

Magnum? Large? Well, this matter requires further investigation.

Careful. The foil was torn, and some sidewalk detritus was inside. The things I do for science!

About two inches wide at the bottom, unstretched. So far, we have a big ho hum going here, and I detect marketing hype before me.

So let's unfurl the beast.

About eight inches, again unstretched. More hype, to be sure, though larger than what the population stats would suggest.

Sadly, there's no spiquot nearby, or we'd see what kind of water balloon is possible.

Location:Williams,United States

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