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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not a fan of the twisted ankle

Good grief!

So I'm turning the corner and O step upon an uneven crack in the pavement. Didn't fall. Probably should have except for the STOP! sign that I clung too.

Left ankle turned. Sadness.

Continued the walk. Needed m'coffee.

Back at the corral. The victim.

Need ice. For the I-part of RICE.

Can't permit cold directly on the skin. I'm special that way. Find a sock.

I look like a newly freed house elf. Bottle goes in the sock.

Socked bottle goes on click under foot.

Now for that conference call.

My new BFF.

The late morning 4-miler could be off the table, replaced by a trip to Kmart for something with higher tops.

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